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Kenchester Timber frame single storey oak garage



What are the advantages of building a detached timber garage structure?

A detached structure gives you more freedom to have what you want without having to fit into connecting to a current building and being influenced by materials etc. Also, it is easier to build a free-standing structure than attaching to a house. If you wanted a room over your garage, as a detached, free-standing building this would be easier.


What considerations are important to bear in mind if I'm creating a timber garage that’s physically separate from the main house?

Depending on the use of the garage and what amenities you wish to have in it. Generally drainage but if you want electric or water this needs to be considered. When doing the groundworks for the garage, the ground it sits on to how much groundworks is necessary, also the location of the building if it is easily accessible or not.


What Building Regulations will an oak garage structure need to adhere to, if it’s purely being used as a space to house cars and other items?

For a non-habitable outbuilding, no building regs are necessary.
Additional planning info here


How do I start planning the design of an oak framed garage?

We have a range of single storey garages and room over garages, these are based on the best bay size to accommodate all ranges of cars (based on a Land Rover Discovery) to fit in. If it is possible to use a standard design template this will save you money on design time and structural calculations. If you have a specific design you wish, this is not a problem and you do not need to employ an architect, we can design the building you want to suit your needs and your plot. 

What are the current trends when it comes to timber garage designs and aesthetics?

Garages with room overs are very popular, a place to store the F&F’s (Friends and Family) when they come and stay above the garage and workshop hits 2 birds with 1 stone. Aesthetically more people are requesting roller shutter doors, functionally car collectors and hobbyists are putting car lifts into their garage to be able to tweak at home. 

If I’m building a garage as part of a self-build project, will this be covered as part of the same planning application as the main build?

Yes if it is on the plans and will be zero-rated (if it is a new build) 

If I’m building a standalone garage structure or an attached garage at a later stage, will I need to get planning permission? Or will this fall under permitted development?

Depending on the size of the garage depends on Permitted Development. A couple of general rules apply: Behind the front elevation of the house, Under 4m to the ridge (Top of the building), No more than half the area of land around the "original house" would be covered by additions or other buildings, further than 2m from a boundary (any closer limits the size of the building again). 

What price do oak garages start?

An erected single story 2 bay Country Buildings oak garage starts at £8,000 inc VAT, a 2 Bay Room over timber garage is £22,700 inc VAT.

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